HIV/AIDS Issue in South Africa

This video shows the story of a man in a town near Johannesburg that due to the HIV/AIDS outbreak there, has become a serial rapist in order to “cleanse” himself of the disease and spread it around the community. He does this so he would not have to “die alone” and gains power in being able to control who and who doesn’t have the disease, and is essentially dictating their quality of life.

In Welcome To Our Hillbrow , the community does not have a great understanding of the reason the AIDS outbreak is prominent in their city. They regard it as the consequence of the promiscuity of some people; the women in particular. Moreover, some theories point to the consumption of green monkey meat to be the blame, and particularly point that blame to West Africans that migrate to South Africa to be the bearers of the ailment as this is a custom of theirs. Like this video, there is no real understanding of the dangers and proactive behaviour to stop the ailment from spreading.

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