Fear of the Dark

In today’s class we had a long discussions on how certain patterns, images and metaphors are continuously repeated throughout the pages of Black Hole (e.g.: the interchangeability of gender due to the similar features of characters, the appearance of scars that look alike, water symbolism.) I thought that it would be good to expand this conversation by pointing out another of Charles Burns’ works an animation called Fear of the Dark.

Fear of the Dark is part of a black and white horror film series on the subject of human fears written and directed by famous comic writers and graphic designers. Charles Burns contributed to this project by an approximately 18 minute animation with an introverted, intelligent and shy protagonist whose biggest aspiration is to get a girlfriend. Eventually he succeeds in finding a girlfriend, and their relationship seems idyllic, until one day, after waking up with a huge scar on her forearm, the girlfriend develops a crazy obsession with our protagonist. I won’t spoil the ending for you; if you are interested I encourage you to look at the video! I have one suggestion, though, while ‘enjoying the show’ keep an eye on the recurring patterns and symbols that seem so idiosyncratic to Burns!

Fear of the Dark

P.S.: Don’t watch it too late in the evening if you don’t want to loose your beauty sleep!

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