Ebola Outbreak In the Republic of Congo

This video discusses the major outbreak and severity behind the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is described as a ‘satanic’ inhibition of the body. It eludes to the fact that Ebola takes control of your body in a physical sense, because after all, it is an ailment, but also takes hold of your soul in a divine sense. The satanic comparison illustrates a narrative for Ebola, allowing it to be understood as an unholy hold over the identity of the person. In a literal sense, the interpretation may mean that the severity and consequences of the virus are so large that it seems to be sent by the devil himself, but it is interesting to look at the virus as something that has satanic qualities and has an identity of its own while it attacks the body and identity of another person.

Ebola ’76 paints Ebola as a quiet, lurking character, about to pop out at any time, brewing and manifesting behind the scenes. This matches well with the idea that the virus is “satanic”. The evil qualities of the virus are highlighted in this video, and the community is making the effort to eradicate it. Funnily enough, the only way to take the step forward in eradicating it, is to have a little piece of the devil inside of you; in the form of a vaccine.

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