Black Hole on Film…and in sound

Here is a short film version of Black Hole by Director Rupert Sanders. Following our discussion in class today, I think we could talk about the way the short film tackles the page in the graphic novel with the juxtaposed images of the frog being dissected, the cut on Chris’ foot, Chris’ skin coming apart on her back, and Eliza’s hand covering her genitals.  

Also, a friend sent me a link to this webpage about astronomers who have captured sound waves from a black hole. Not exactly what I imagined a black hole would sound like…



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  1. That’s an interesting condensation/abridgement/excerpt — not quite sure what to call it. But I find the choice to locate the real drama of the story in Keith’s dilemma over a house full of mutant teens is an interesting one. Of course they folded Liza and Chris in as fully as they could too, but why make that house full of kids be the real dramatic focal point? Is that the scene you would have chosen for an 11-min short?

  2. It’s interesting to see that the juxtaposition of slits comes at the later parts of the movie. (wait, is the video an excerpt, or is it the whole thing?) And I guess the movie is doing a pretty good job depicting this without blurring its meaning. I liked the fact that the teens mentioned about the wolfman and frankenstein, both of whom are not seen as complete humans. We can see the parallel between the teens and the characters they watch from the movie. Especially their appearances are strikingly similar. I liked this version of movie, except that Dave was almost erased from the plot.

  3. Ha. That soundfile is extraordinary.

  4. One thing, that this scene does very well is highlight different kinds of behaviors based on how apparent your mutation is. Those teenagers, who do not necessarily have obvious traits of the mutations often still show some sort of concern towards society: Keith is worried about the the owners of the house coming back. The teenagers who have very obvious mutations, on the other hand, draw no more connections to society and with it set no limits to their behaviors. Social morals are disregarded and all there is to living as a mutated teenagers is intoxication.
    The clip also mirror the graphic novel in that the scenery is very dark, which creates a very mystic atmosphere and touches upon what Tom has posted about the light and dark scenes.
    I actually like that the mix of the slits and the representations of the black hole are incorporated into this scene, since it marks Chris’s breakdown.
    In the end, each scene relates back to the Black Hole that Chris sees when he faints in Biology class, which is why it makes absolute sense to bring the image of the spiraling Black Hole into this act.

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