Behind the Scenes of Angels in America

Taking a break from the conversations of theme and politics in Angels in America, let’s talk about the complexities of the mechanics and manpower which goes into the actual execution of such a play as Angels in America. Plays need entire crews to make sure everything goes correctly, and especially in modern theater, where technical feats are more and more common, and in a play such as Angels in America where scenes are various and complex, actors play multiple characters, and people are strung up on harnesses to fly, it takes a whole village to create this seven-hour illusion. This video from the National Theater shows the people behind the scenes who prepare the set, costumes, sound, and everything else needed for the play, they not only prepare the stage before the play begins, but they also completely alter it during the two-hour turn around time between Parts 1 and 2, Millennium and Perestroika. “One tip I would say is preparation, you need to plan whilst the other show is ending what you need to do in order for the second show to be up and running.” Tess Dacre a sound manager says in the video, highlighting the need to intense preparation and planning before, and during the the performance. This video gives just some insight into the work that the large and skilled crew do to create the long and incredible production.

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