5 minutes of your time! Meet Philip Roth!

Hey guys! Usually, whenever I finish a book, I tend to search about the author of the book. I’m actually not one of the augmenters for this novel, Nemesis,but I thought it would be nice to share what I found about the author of the novel, Roth. Did you guys know that he is actually a very famous American-Jewish writer? He twice received the National Book Award, twice the National Book Critics Circle award, and PEN/Faulkner Award three times. He won a Pulitzer Prize and even a Man Booker International Prize and many other more! Did you also know that Nemesis was his final novel? I’ll attach three links, in which Roth talks aboutNemesis, his perspective on religion, and etc.

Philip Roth talking about his novel, Nemesis – It’s very short; so, just click and try watching it for 3 minutes! 🙂

Roth’s perspective on religion and God – I am a Christian; so, when the novel dealt with some religious aspects, I was interested to know the author’s point of view on religion. I tried to find a video, in which Roth talks about his belief on religion in depth but couldn’t find one. While this is a very short clip (1 minute! very short! don’t be afraid! haha), I think it concisely summarizes his perspective towards religion and God. At the end of the clip, he says something quite debatable (something interesting to ponder about).

Interview with Roth – Nemesis is the novel that “lays out most clearly [Roth’s] own vision of existence.” He talks about his belief on the relationship between luck and life. You also get to know why he chose “polio” in writing the novel. Through this interview, you can know more about Roth, his works, and views!


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