What is Fate? Who is Mpe?

In previous class, we ended our discussion with a conversation on fate. We somehow reached to an idea or a conclusion that the definition of fate differs from an individual to another individual. So, I thought that it would be interesting to see how fate is defined and analyzed in philosophical perspectives. The simple definition of fate from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is as follows:

:  the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do :destiny
:  an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or endb :disasterespecially:death
:  final outcomeb :  the expected result of normal development <prospective fate of embryonic cells>c :  the circumstances that befall someone or something <did not know thefate of her former classmates>
pluralcapitalized:  the three goddesses who determine the course of human life in classical mythology
Other than the literal definition, I found three articles that explore the idea of fatalism:
I also think knowing the author will help to have a better understanding of the novel. Here’s a short biography of Phaswane Mpe. I also recommend you guys reading the introduction section of the book if you didn’t. :))

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