Priests in every Plague

I once commented in one of the classes about how priests are always present in every novel we have read about plagues so far. So I recall a Kuwaiti series called  “Alhadama,” (video linked) which talks about Smallpox that impacted Kuwait city in 1932. More than four thousand victims died because of it in just the first 10 days. This year was considered a disastrous year because not only people died from smallpox but also heavy rain hit the country and destroyed 500 houses.

The person who took the priest’s position in this series is the religious female who teaches kids Quran in her house. It is interesting that she didn’t refer to the disease as a punishment from God but a test from God. All our readings looked at the plague from one religious perspective. This leaves me with a question:

“Do all religions respond to plagues in the same way?”

Noora Almarri

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  1. Thanks for this! I’m really happy to know about it. I think we’ll be able to keep talking about the question of religion as we go. There’s a lot to come in our next three readings.

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