I Ran to Oran and Found a Plague!


Albert Camus’ The Plague has been an influential literary force, raising questions of the ideas of absurdity and the futility of religion. While doing research of the novel, I stumbled upon this British TV show called Hornblower that ran from 1998-2003. This show is about a fictional character called Horatio Hornblower, who was a Royal Navy officer during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. In one episode, the soldiers have a diplomatic mission to Oran (does that sound familiar? 🙂 ) but when they land, they find out that it is a plague town (that better sound familiar). Therefore the sailors who had been to the town are quarantined on the ship and we see how the idea of the plague affects a microcosm of a society. It causes distrust and struggles that reveal the implications that disasters like a plague has for people. The acting is wonderful and the show as a whole is esthetically pleasing (it is British television after all).  If you want to see some visual responses to something as dreadful as a plague to people, you may want to take a look at this episode.

Hornblower dvd cover.jpg

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