Flame Alphabet: A Visual

Here is a brief animated visual, made by the publisher Knopf, to introduce Marcus’s novel. Very cool, although a little bizarre and disturbing. Ever since we started reading The Flame Alphabet, I was curious as to how one would frame the idea of a language toxin with a visual medium, like film. One of the central ironies of Marcus’s book is the fact that written language is used to convey an epidemic of poisonous speech. If The Flame Alphabet‘s plot were instead embodied in a feature-length film, would the effect be any more powerful? Seems like it could offer an interesting premise for a future project or modern art piece.

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  1. Last night he mentioned that he had written, but then cut, a chapter explaining how Sam manages to narrate/write the story in spite if the disorder. He apparently was satisfied to leave some things unexplained.

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